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Early Diagnosis of a Rare Disease

In the world of rare diseases it has been said that, “a disease isn’t rare, it’s just rarely diagnosed.” And there’s the rub with properly managing patients with rare diseases. In recent years, the number of FDA approvals for therapies to treat rare disorders has steadily increased; nearly half of all novel drugs approved in …..

The Power of Influence: It’s No Secret

It’s no secret that the many influential community-based health care providers impact practice behavior through wide reaching clinical networks. But historically it’s been challenging to find these under-the-radar clinical leaders who influence other physicians and should be recognized by biopharmaceutical companies as high-value targets for promotional messaging and communications. Advanced data analytics can take the …..

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The pharmaceutical industry has been reshaped by many changes over the past decade, including the emergent power of managed care, the declining use of sales representatives, and the explosive growth of data and…


Case Study: Plexus

Background: Under a reduced budget, our client needed to enhance the outcome of its live and non-personal peer-to-peer programs. In This Case Study: Discover how Plexus impacted the performance of promotional programs Understand…

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